Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First project in Miami

Ok I couldn't sit for long. Most of my friends here work full time, so I am going crazy.

My sister n laws birthday is in Aug. so I thought I would make her a birthday banner.

I went to the store to buy paper (cuz everything is in storage). Then it hit me I don't have my cricut to cut out

the letters. So, guess what I thought of? I went to the $ store and bought a b-day banner and cut it apart. I bought matching paper

and started on my banner. The banner I bought was for princess' they had several banners to choose from.

I then bought a packet of princess stickers. This is what I did so far.

I will continue tomorrow. I haven't attached her name yet, I'm still thinking about it.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I am so missing crafting

I have been missing for a while. I found out on April 4th that I would be moving to Miami FL. I started packing that day and never stopped. We moved on May 27th and everything went into storage. I have to wait for my house to sell in TX before we buy a house here in Miami. So everything is in storage until then. So that chucnky ATC I posted was the last thing I worked on. I can't wait to unpack all my crafty stuff. I think we counted a total of 50 boxes. Talk to you soon