Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First project in Miami

Ok I couldn't sit for long. Most of my friends here work full time, so I am going crazy.

My sister n laws birthday is in Aug. so I thought I would make her a birthday banner.

I went to the store to buy paper (cuz everything is in storage). Then it hit me I don't have my cricut to cut out

the letters. So, guess what I thought of? I went to the $ store and bought a b-day banner and cut it apart. I bought matching paper

and started on my banner. The banner I bought was for princess' they had several banners to choose from.

I then bought a packet of princess stickers. This is what I did so far.

I will continue tomorrow. I haven't attached her name yet, I'm still thinking about it.


  1. Very cute! Glad to see you bus again! Sure do miss you!

  2. Yah! I'm so proud of you!! It looks great and I bet you feel better. Once a crafter, always a crafter! Miss you bunches!!!!!

  3. Very cute once creative always creative. LOL. How are you with the 95 and HUMID?